Andreea Verde – Did you get my kiss?

I just launched my first video as a solo artist; it has shades of green, butterflies in the stomach and amazing people i’ve worked with.

Directed by Raluca Porumbacu
Composed and produced by Horatiu Vladila
Lyrics: Shoshana Rose Stern

Big Thanks to 1000 de chipuri,, Starbucks.

Did you get my kiss? (Chapter 1)

Did you get my kiss I sent to you?
I took a moment to think of you, you, you, you
stillness and silence in the room,
I visualised you there, right in front of me.
your smile was all I could see.
I closed my eyes and
Pucked up my lips,
and felt you there surrounding me

did you get my kiss my love?

I visualised you there,
staring back at me.

and felt you there surrounding me

Did you get my kiss my love?

I met Shoshana in March 2015 in London; i participated at her workshop – The Liberation Project. There was a strong energy between us, so she decided to come to Bucharest. She didn’t know anything about Romania and her family told her it was a dangerous country. From the moment she arrived here, we knew we were meant to build up together some artistic stuff.

This is the first chapter of a series of 7 chapters, part of the project #MyLostChild. They speak about true love, about the energetic experience you have when you are so in love with someone, that your reactions create booms of beautiful energy.

Special Thanks To:
Vlad Cosmin, Mauro Angelini, Dana Mihaescu, Cercel Lazar, Andreea Iancu, Andrei Vintileanu, Andreea Enache, Catalina Teodoru, Roxana Porumbacu, Cristi Bruma, Yonutz, Daniel Vasile, Raluca Zamfir, Serghei Chiviriga.

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