43 years of marriage

casnicieAugust, 2014, Neptun-Olimp, Romania

I was scouting for filming locations for The Ocean video.

I stopped in Neptun-Olimp at an old restaurant called Mimoza where my father used to take me when i was little.

Next to my table, I saw a couple. They were eating ice-cream, looked really in love and i was starring.

“How old do you think we are?” said the man.

“I don’t know…maybe 55?”

“Add 10. I am 65 years old and my wife is 4 years younger – she is 61. Together we have 43 years of marriage. Every 2 weeks i take her out and we eat ice-cream. It’s our thing.”

“We could have bought it from the store, said the lady, but we love being together and look at the sea.”

“I have a small pension, you know, said the man, but i always find money to take her out for ice-cream.”
He proudly looks at her.

They are the Gavrila family from Constanta and they don’t want to be photographed. We talk some more.

Ok, take that photo, she says, eventually.

Then we hug and kiss as if we knew each other for years.

When i get into the parking lot i see them going to a white Dacia. He opens the front door for her.

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